Data Insights without Code

Because you shouldn't need SQL
to look through your data

Integrate directly with your favorite datasource...

....or upload a CSV!

Do anything a
SQL pro can
without code!

Use our drag-and-drop builder to create any query

Shape converts your query to SQL and runs it live on your database - in seconds!
Simple filter-and-pivot? Three clicks!
Complex joins and window functions? Not a problem!

Analyze 10 million
row CSVs

Easily upload and analyze huge CSVs, so that your Excel doesn't crash

Shape automatically uploads, parses, and stores your CSVs in a private database just for you.
Filters, pivots, and joins run in seconds!

Save and Share

Create a team knowledge base! Don't rewrite the same query for 10 different people: build it once and share with the entire team.

Leave comments in your analysis so your team can understand what you've built
Share with fine-grained control. Save private analyses just for you, and public ones for the team

Easily Tweak Anything

No more rewriting from scratch every time you want a slightly different cut of data

Easily clone queries to make slight tweaks, or filter to different views
Allow your team to make changes to your queries if they need different views - our error checking makes sure they don't break anything!

Jump to SQL in a click

Need to get the same data in another tool? Love living in Snowflake's console?

One-click to view the SQL equivalent of your analysis

Keep it Secure

We take protecting you seriously. Read up on how we keep you safe.

We never, ever copy or cache any of your data on our server
Your database connection configurations? We put those in a Vault.

Want to test-drive Shape?

We have one-click demo databases for you to analyze!